Nitrous Oxides (NO, NO2)

By: Alex Noble, Ms. Owens, 9/29/14

Uses of Nitrous Oxide:

Nitrous Oxide is used in many of the materials we use today like:





*and Vehicle Racing

Nitrous Oxide is a colorless, odorless, and has no taste. Nitrous Oxide is a non-toxic gas which is non flammable. In today's industry we use Nitrous Oxide in laughing gas. Nitrous Oxide can lead to health problems also since there is a lack of oxygen pure N20 can cause unconsciousness and can even lead to death, that's why when someone get laughing gas at a dentist office its 30% oxygen and 70% nitrous oxide.

Negative Impacts On The Environment:

*Helps form acid rain

*Contributes to Global Warming

*It throws of the growth of plants

*Nitrous oxide can also form with other chemicals to form toxic chemicals

Nitrous Oxides are formed when certain fuels like gas and oil are burned at high temperatures. If people depose of nitrous oxide wrong and someone is exposed to a leak of nitrous oxide there can be harmful affects like.

*Decreases in Mental Performance

*Audio and Visual Ability

*and Manual Dexterity(which means it will be hard for someone to use there hands to there best abilities)

Good Things About Nitrous Oxide:

*Nitrous Oxide can control people with anxiety problems and make them relax and calm

*N20 can make the patient more resistant to pain

*Nitrous can also provide light sedation which means the patient will be conscious and can answer all the instructors question but his/her protective reflexes are maintained.

*And when using Nitrous Oxide it takes into action quick so the instructor can go ahead and get started.

Bad Things About Nitrous Oxide:

*Can Cause Brain Damage

*Pollutes the air

*Helps Global Warming

*And effect plant growth among different states


In my opinion, I think the negatives of using nitrous oxide out weighs the positives because the negatives are more harmful than the positives are good. The negatives can create a different atmosphere depending on how much nitrous oxide is in the air, the negatives also state that if someone is exposed to nitrous oxide there kids can become deformed or can be born with brain damage. The positives say that it can be used in laughing gas and NOS, but people don't understand that when they put NOS in there car they are exposed to Nitrous Oxide and can end up with brain damage.

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