Tennessee Aquarium


Tennessee Aquarium 2014

My first impression of the aquarium was good. I knew it was going to be fun but i wasn't sure if it would have freshwater fish which is my favorite type of fish. I could hear the people explaining things and i could smell the river behind us.

Individuals in their population

The largemouth bass likes shade and grassy areas. This fish is the most widely caught sport fish in the US. The largemouth in this picture is taking cover in these rocks, most likely laying eggs or bedding. An individual is a living thing with one or more cell. The individual needs water, bushes, Rocks, etc.

Community and Ecosystem

In this ecosystem, the bream feeds on the bugs that fall with the trees and the bream is food for the bass.The tree also gives shade for the fish. A community is all the different species of living things in a area. A ecosystem is everything living, biotic and abiotic. Organisms need biotic and abiotic factors because biotic factors give organisms food, and abiotic factors give organisms shelter.

Six Kingdom Classification System

the top left picture is an example of a Amoebae. this is found floating on top water. The top right picture is a dead frog killed my the fungi Chytrid Fungus. This survives in mud and water and is spread by vehicles, muddy boots and cattle. The bottom left is a lily pad found in small ponds and lakes. Last but not least is the jaguar which is in the animal kingdom and is at the top of the food chain.

Food Chain

On the food chain, the Zooplankton  feeds the Phytoplankton and gives the Zooplankton energy. A producer is an organism that makes its own food. A consumer can not find food yet has to hunt or find food. A decomposer feeds on dead things such as rotting animals etc.

Food Web

In this Food Web the Sea Duck is food for a Bald Eagle. He is a consumer because he cant make its own food.

Abiotic Factors

The picture above shows water, rocks, and the sky. Those are 3 abiotic factors. Organisms need abiotic factors to seek shelter, to drink water, and to have sun.

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