Slender Loris
Slender Loris lives in rain forests.

The Slender Loris is an interesting animal and has many adaptations that help then live.

-Some of the adaptations are four way grip on each foot
-Four toes for a pincer like grip that can Grasp food and trees
-That is key being a small animal and living in the rain forest.

These are some of the animals that the slender loris lives with including macaws, red eyed tree frogs, parrot snake, green violet ear, rufous-tailed hummingbird and Green spiny lizard.

These are a little bit of all of the plants that slender loris lives with including, Bengal bamboo, Bougainvillea, rafflesia flower, curare and finally coleus.

A rapid process that could affect slender loris is volcanoes because they live in rain forests and rain forests are usually near volcanoes.
MAD Theory  things that would move, adapt or Die in a volcanoes.
Move, Slender Loris
Adapt, Birds
Die Snakes

This is Africa it is mainly where slender loris lives. It lives in The green part. The average rain forest weather is wet and humid.

-The Size of the slender loris depends on the species. Bornean slow loris is the smallest species; it weighs only 9 to 11 ounces. The Bengal slender loris is the largest species; it weights between 2.2 and 4.6 pounds and reaches length between 10 and 15 inches (from head to the tail).
-Slender loris is covered with fur. Color of the fur can be grey, brown, yellow, red, silver or golden.
-Frontally positioned large eyes are the most important feature of the slender loris. They make binocular vision and perception of depth. Their eyes also have specific reflective layer (called tapetum lucidum) which provides excellent eyesight during the night.

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