Han Dynasty by Timothy Dixon and Nick Diez

-Liu Bang ruled for 414 years.

-At the time when the Han Dynasty rose to power, the chinese people were unhappy with the harsh, legalist rule.

-The Golden Age was a long period of stability and wealth.


-At the height of the dynasties power, they had control of central Asia, east of Korea, and south of Vietnam.

-The military made advances in iron making and invented the "kite".

-The favorite weapon of the army was the crossbow.

-They used iron stones, crossbows, kites, and armor.


-The adoption of a centralized government softened the harsh ruling style of the Qin emperor.

-Government officials gave advice to the emperor.

-Their responsibilities were to oversee maintenance of roads, canals, and to make sure enough grain was produced.

-The key improvements were the way civil servants were hired.

-Civil servants were government workers and those young men had to pass a long exam to be hired


-The dificulties they faced were not growing enough food for their families, grain storehouses, clothing, and homes.

-The chain pump, wheel barrow, and plow were invented.

Their skills were in iron making.


-The benefits were controlling the two most important industries which were salt and silk.

-The materials they produced were silk and salt.

-Salt was valued,used to help preserve meat and vegetables, and the Chinese learned how to mine salt from the ground.

-Workers placed the salt water they found from wells in pots and heated them until the salt evaporated.


-The key advances in art was the invention of paper.

-The tools and techniques were using characters, strokes,ink , and writing on silk.

-Paper was an ideal material for calligraphy, the art of handwriting.

-Calligraphy was important in Chinese culture.


-Illnesses occured when the forces of yin and yang were out of balance.

-The techniques for treatments were acupuncture and moxibustion.

-They discovered that there is a pulse in your heart and that blood circulates through your heart.


-Scientific advancements included observing the heavens, recording appearances of comets, discovering that the moon shines because it reflects the light of the sun, and that solar eclipses block the sun out of view.

-Their inventions were the seismograph and magnetic compass.

They improved daily life by changing the harsh rules.

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