Feudal Japan

    1.   Japan created a feudal system much like Europe. Feudalism is were people work for nobles and in return they would get protection and land.

     2.  The feudalism in Japan begun because Daimyo hired samurai to protect him and attack other Daimyo. Then, other powerful families like Taira and Minamoto had large army of samurai. So, often Daimyo tried to fight each other to gain wealth and power because there was no lawlessness.

     3.  Bonsai/zen gardens- Help people think quietly. Also this highlights natural beauty.

Haiku- Japan helped develop Haiku poetry.

Kabuki- Play performed by men, using melodramatic singing and dancing with elaborate costumes.

     4.   The social structure is in the order emperor, shogun and daimyo, samurai worriers, peasants and artisans, and last is merchants. They are place in this because the emperor has the highest amount of respect and merchants have the lowest.

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