Buoyancy - can we keep Eggy Bond Afloat?

5 Stations - 1 mission - 60 minutes......Stations do not need to be completed in numerical order.

Station 1: Watch the videos and make notes - what can you discover about buoyancy and submarines?

Station 2: Exploring density - what happens when you add sand, water or air to a 'submarine'.

Station 3: Neutral Buoyancy -  Eggy Bond?

Station 4: Glossary
Can your group produce a mini- glossary for these scientific terms?

Station 5: Can you make a boat to float the weight? Explore different shapes and sizes - what can you discover and water displacement?

Buoyancy, displacement, Archimedes, water resistance, Float/sink, mass,  density

surface area, upthrust, Streamlined, Gravity, Air resistance (sails), Newtons, Scale

Submarine, surface tension.