Mobile Technologies

For K-12 classrooms

5 mobile apps to use in a classroom

For this module, I have decided to go with Mathematics, Science and Language applications that could be use in a junior or senior high classroom. I have tried all the apps that you will find on this Tacckboard, to make sure they were accessible, easy to use and appropriate for the age level.

Mathemagics-Mental Calculation Tricks

Mathemagics-Mental Math Tricks is an education app that can be used on any iOs device. It is mainly made to help students discovering ways to do mental calculations such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, patterns and estimation. There are three different modes of play where students can Learn, Practice and Play. The lessons have easy step-by-step explanations and kids can pick the one they want to know about. It can be really useful, especially if the students have a hard time doing mental calculation, since they are always using their calculators. It could bring a little challenge in the classroom

Pre-Algebra Guide

Pre-Algebra Guide app can be used on different types of platforms: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and Kindle Fire. It is a complete Pre-Algebra guide where you can find more than 325 rules, definitions and examples. It is basically like having your own notebook into your mobile device. Students could use this app at home or at school, while they are working on some assignments. Some kids are too shy to ask questions, so this app can be really useful to them. It covers everything from the number line to the Pythagorean Theorem. The explanations are short and clear and easy to find.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great app that can be used on an iOs device, but is also a website. The app provides tutorials for Math, Science, Economics and Finance and humanities. It also has sections where you can learn about their vision and other features. It is easy to work with, since everything is divided in a way where you can find what you are looking for by either using the search section or by browsing by subject and grades. For the Math section, everything is there, for students from K-12, but also for higher education. All the tutorials are short videos with great explanations and visual. It can be really useful for a flipped classroom.

K12 Periodic Table of the Elements

This app lets you explore the different elements of the Periodic Table. It is an excellent reference for the students. They can find out about the different attributes of each element such as temperature, ion radius, symbol, atomic number, atomic mass, etc. It is not an app where you can play and learn, but more like a reference, where the student will not have to go through an entire textebook to find what he or she needs to complete an assignment or study.

Word Flex Touch Dictionary

This app is a dictionary made out of three dictionaries and is for the iPad. What is amazing about it is if a student is looking for a word, the dictionary will find it even if it is not properly written. What this app does is that the word will appear and will expand like a tree, showing the similar words grouped in branches. It represents the words in a different way and catches the student’s attention. It also provides and short and/or a long tutorial on how to use it. Wordflex touch Dictionary is a great reference for a Language class.

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