Athletes Using Performance-Enhancing Drugs

By: Cedarious Barfield

Issue with athletes

    There has been an issue that has been going on for many and many of years. Some people believe that performance-enhancing drugs is an okay thing to do. While others believe that it is something that shouldn't represent sports. It is so heated, because some people are about the way athletes are viewed and their hard-work. While others believe athletes should have the right to do anything they can to level the playing field.

History Background

The history of this whole controversy really got intensified in the year 1988 (Hruby).When olympic track runner Ben Johnson won gold medal at the olympic games in Seoul, Korea . He had gotten stripped of his gold medal by testing positive for stanozolol, an anabolic steroid.He tried to persuade the officials that his drink was spiked, clearly they didn’t believe him. There were many incidents before that, but this was when people started to realize how the top athletes are trying to become better and how they got there. There was not that many rules or laws against the drugs, but now there are tons and tons more.

For or Against?

Honestly, I am 100% against the use of performance-enhancing drugs. I feel that there are many people in the world that work for what they want. Then finally, when they reach their goal how is it if someone takes a couple of pills or shots for a month and out beats him or her. I believe in hard work and dedication to do something and achieve a goal that you have in mind, because taking some drugs will help you at the moment, but you start to realize that everything you have will soon be lost due to your lack of hard work. If I was to be a professional player I would want people to see me as a person that worked for what he got and did everything the right way, no matter how much time or effort it takes.

Reasons for it:

Some viewers think that some athletes are born with more ability and have an edge over others. So, they think it is the right thing and okay thing to do if the lesser athlete took drugs to even the playing field. Then there are some people that think if you can not catch them what is the point of trying and to just let them go. Also, that there are many providers that are smart and make the type of drug to where it can not be detected and so, people should just let it be.

Reasons Against:

There are people that think athletes are a major role model in the world today. They should be teaching the kids what is right and wrong. Doing drugs is not helping that at all, because it is telling kids that they do not need to work hard for anything. Also, doping is what can destroy how people see sports now and ten years from now. Usually, when you think about athletes they are people putting in hard work in something they are trying to be the best at. But, doping does not help that it shows that now to win you just need needles and pills.

Affecting Society

Depending upon what people do about this problem will affect how the society will be in the future. This use of drugs will start to grow and grow and grow. Meaning less and less people staying later to work on their game. For, they know that they can take something easily and have tremendous results at the time. I think that we should end this now, so that the next generations after us grow up to be hard workers in anything they do from either businesses or students. They need to know that everything feels a whole lot better when you work for something and you finally get what you work for. Overall, the use of drugs is something that can tear character and the way people view working and training.

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