Transgender and gender non-conforming people face injustice on a daily basis. It ranges from when shop owners refuse to serve them, to physical aggressions. In fact, about 42 percent of female-to-male transgender adults reported verbal harassment, physical assault or denial of equal treatment in a doctor's office or hospital. Unfortunately, these people aren't accepted in society. Therefore, they don't get the same privileges as heterosexual people. Even though they aren’t accepted as normal human beings, they get a lot of support from tons of organizations and groups. For example, the National Center for Transgender Equality provides help for the transgender people and their family. It is necessary for them to get support from these organizations and groups especially when they are struggling because of rejection from family members and friends, or because of discrimination out in the world.

A lot of transgender people don’t feel comfortable when they need to use public bathrooms. Not only because they risk physical and sexual assault but also because they could get arrested. ‘’ This is not a pleasant situation for us, so we don’t plan to hang out there unnecessarily ‘’, said a transgender female. In fact, if their ID doesn’t match with their genre, using the opposite’s genre’s bathrooms could get them arrested. To avoid this kind of situation, in my opinion, society should think about building unisex bathrooms.

Hopefully, one day, the heterosexual community will understand and accept the transgender community. Everyone is human and unique in their own way, being a transgender person shouldn’t matter. We should all support each other and avoid discriminations. Equality is the key to a peaceful and better world.

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