The Earth`s atmosphere

Kyra Crocker -Spruill

The Exosphere

The exosphere is the outer layer of the atmosphere. This layer is the tallest above sea level and extends into space .It reaches 10,000 km above sea level.

The Thermosphere

The thermosphere is the next layer. This layer is known for its extreme temperatures.                              The temperatures measure from below 0 to over 4,000 degrees.

The Mesosphere

The mesosphere is the third layer from the earth. The meso in mesosphere means middle.

The Stratosphere

The stratosphere is the second layer above sea level. It measures 7.5 mi above sea level.  This layer is very important because it contains the ozone layer.

The Troposphere

The troposphere is the last layer of the atmosphere. Its closest to earth and contains certain gas that we need to live The troposphere is 12km above sea level.

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