Seven Things You Didn't Know About Me

I love sport!! It is so much fun to do with your friends, by yourself and anywhere you want.

My favourite sports are football and basketball. I like these sports because they're team sports and they're not very rough.

This is my football team from last year. We were called Idraw.

This is a video of me playing basketball in my driveway. My hoop is quite low so I can do slam-dunks.

I love animals!! Their are so many cool animals in this world though it's sad because some are going or have gone extinct.

Some of my favourite animals are, Peregrine Falcon, Cheetah, and Komodo Dragon.

I also have some pets of my own.

A dog called Daisy and a cat named Georgie.

Daisy and Me at the Beach!!

I  have a sister Annalise. She is nice, fun to play with and of course

annoying most of the time!!

I love the environment and nature. The Earth is a beautiful place and

it's where we live. I love playing outside, building things and collecting sticks.

When I grow up I want to be a Ecologist.

I love reading books!! It is just so nice to relax and read quietly without being disturbed.

Some times I just lie-down on my bed and read for ages.

I have broken my arm twice. Both on my left arm. My first break was playing tackle ball-rush in the backyard. It was a clean break, straight through. My second break was going down a driveway on my scooter and I tripped over the hose line. It was a green-stick fracture.

I love superheroes!! My favourite superhero for DC is Flash and my favourite for Marvel is Falcon. I like Flash because he's fast and I like Falcon because he can fly, he's based on a animal and he's awesome.

Another fact about me is I don’t eat chocolate, lollies, fizzy drinks or cake, but I will eat vanilla ice cream. I don't eat sweets because, I haven't tried them. I haven't because they look disgusting.

At my final year at Havelock North Primary School I got the Service and Citizenship award there at the final assembly. All the teachers and students of Year 6 voted. It was Awesome.

Those are the seven things you didn't know about me thanks for watching!! :)

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