In the north west Argentina the inca empire and the nomadic indians established part of  their settlements.  In 1516 Juan Díaz  de Solís was the first European to  stand in Argentine soil, coming a long way from the sea.  But Pedro de Mendoza was the first to settlement Buenos Aires in 1536, he came from Paraguay, and  was killed by the Indians.  Then in 1580 Argentina was founded a second time by Juan de Garay.  Since Juan de Garay came from Spain he brought the Spanish language,  Catholicism religion, and European traditions.  The Independence of Argentina was declared on  9 July, 1816.  After fighting with their neighbored countries Chile and Perú.                                               The name comes from Latin argentos Argentina (silver).


In the north of the country it is very hot with humid summers and dry winter seasons.  Central Argentina has hot summers and cool winters.  South Argentina has warm summers and cold winters.  In the far south of the country they experience long periods of daylight through out November to February, and very extended nights through out  May to June.

churrasco argentino

  • FOOD

One of the famous foods in Argentina is the Carbonada.  The Carbonada is consist of  potatoes, meat, pumpkins and corn that are baked inside a pumpkin.  Milanesa is  a worldwide meat dish, that is a breaded meat. It is an Italian dish named after the city of Milano but it is very common in Latin America, especially in Argentina.  Churrasco is one of the may famous dishes in Argentina that is a  beef  or grilled meat.


Gustavo Cerati was one of the most famous musicians in history, he made such a great a impact in Argentina.  Gustavo was also the lead singer of Soda Stereo.  Soda Stereo was one of the most important, famous rock bands in south Argentina in 1982.  In 1992 Gustavo began his solo career.  In 1997 was the last band concert.  Gustavo has participated with international artist.  Gustavo's legacy has impacted his country so much that the government announced two days of national mourning due to his death on September 4, 2014.

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