One Tool for Writing to Read
               by Virginia Lowe

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Challenge to Reverse Your Thinking

Write to Read- vs- Read to Write

     Reading and writing are connected processes. Writing is included as a key component in every major literacy framework.Typically, teachers have the mindset that as students advance in their reading, student writing will also improve. This is true for most children, but what about struggling readers? Could there be a possibility that for these students the process is better when reversed? Let's explore why that may be true!



  1. Write About It (has an advanced version that can be purchased)
  2. Kid Blog
  3. Write Reader
  4. Glogster
  5. Trading Card Creator

Writing Theme Poetry

Poetry Idea Engine (Scholastic)

Image Chef

66 Writing Tools for Todays Classroom Use

Learning English Kids

Stay tuned: Goal for 2015-2016 is to post student writing samples and document reading progress through Action Research Project