The Crusades

Baron Bogarin Garcia, Mr.burruel, 3/24/14

     1.The Byzantine wanted take control of the City of Jerusalem because it was the promise land. They Protected Jerusalem from the Muslims trying to take over. The Crusade were a series of defensive wars against Islamic aggression in the Middle ages and attempt to recapture the Holy Land from muslim conquers in order to allow safe pilgrimage and to protect and maintain the Christian presence there.

     2.The reason for the Crusades based on the Byzantine was to defeat the Muslims and protect the Holy Land.

      3.The crusades, originally intended to save the Byzantine Empire, among other things, failed to do this and hastened its decline instead. The crusaders sacked Byzantine cities and eventually captured Constantinople in 1204. They then used Constantinople as the capital of what is called the Latin Empire, which it remained, until the Byzantines managed to recapture it in 1264. The Byzantine Empire never really recovered from this, though it held on for almost another 200 years.

     4.The Byzantine only believed in Christianity and protected the churches.The Byzantine church did continue to see itself as a role of protecting Christians living or making pilgrimages to the Orient.

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