Here Comes The Sun

Lauren McCord, Science 5th Period

Here comes the sun is a song by The Beatles that came out in 1969. The only relation it has with this project is the title.

How did the sun form?

1) Pressed clouds of gas, dust, hydrogen, helium, and leftover particles from dead stars close together

2) Gravity makes any clothes and Terry

3) Gravity causes everything to spin

4) The spin flattened the cloud in the center

5) Materials come together in the middle

6) Formed a protostar

7) Protostar turned into the sun

Elements In The Sun

In the sun, you will find hydrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon, neon, nitrogen, magnesium, iron, and silicon.

What protects the Earth from the Sun?

The earth has a great atmosphere. The earth's atmosphere acts as a security blanket and keeps the Earth safe from harmful radiation that comes from the sun.

What keeps the Sun burning?

The sun is kept burning by constant nuclear reactions, like a bunch of atomic bombs.

Ultraviolet Radiation

Ultraviolet Radiation is a type of radiation that travels through space. The length of the waves are from 100 and 400. Ultraviolet radiation (UV Rays) come from the sun.

What Impact Does The Sun Have On Our Daily Lives?

Things The Sun Do

-Keeps the Earth from freezing

-Makes people tan

-Makes photosynthesis possible

-Shapes seasons

-Gives off light for the Earth

-Pretty much the primary source of Earth's Energy

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