(cheat, cheat)


Adult/child- Check the scene if its safe, check if the person is okay, call 911, give 30 compression, adult- 2 inches deep, child- 1/3 inches deep. 2 breathes last 1 second each. Use a mask if you have one and rubber cloves.


check scene if its safe, touch the infants feet for a response if no response call 911, give 30 compression's using 2 fingers1/3 deep, 2 breathes last about 1 second


Ask if they are choking, stand behind them with one foot in between their feet then place the side of your fist above their belly button then put other hand on your fist, do abdominal thrusts inward and upward until object comes out or they become unconscious


support their face put their body on your for arm make sure to keep his/her head above the feet give 5 back blows with the palm of your hand, then turn the baby over and give 5 chest thrusts continue until baby is unconscious or the object comes out.


CALL 911, give 30 chest compression's, open the airway and check for any objects if there is take your index finger and sweep it out, give 2 breathes if air isn't going in re-position their head


call 911, give 30 compression's, check mouth for any objects if there is sweep it out using your pinky, the give 2 breathes if the air doesn't go in re-position their head


give pressure to the cut, wrap the bandage towards the heart, once tight enough check for leaking blood anywhere, then elevate above the heart, activate EMS, then take them to the hospital


Turn on the machine, dry the chest to make sure its dry, if hair on chest may need to shave it, place one pad on upper chest above the nipples the other one on the lower left ribs, then follow AED

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