Digital access
The electronic participation in everyday life

By: @alexiastokes for a school project

1. I think being aware online is important.

2. I think working toward equal rights online is great.

Digital commerce
Electric buying and selling material

1. I think understanding the market economy is important.

2. I think learning not to illegally trade goods and go to jail is important.

Digital Communication
a digital exchange of information

1. I think everyone has the opportunity to communicate online.

2. I know there are a lot of different options of digital communication

1. Be aware online, be aware of what's online

Digital Literacy
Teaching and learning about technology

1. I like that people are constantly learning about technology.

2. I think teaching each other people about technology.

Digital Etiquette
The digital standards of conduct or procedure

1. I like the idea of teaching everyone how to be responsible online.

2. I think teaching people to behave is important.

Digital Law
The responsibilities of taking your actions online!

1. I think learning to be responsible is important.

2. I think that people should know more about the digital law.

Digital Rights and responsibilities
Freedom to everyone on the web

1. I like the idea of being equal online.

2. I like that you have to use internet in a appropriate manner.b

Digital health and wellness
Being well in the digital web

1. I think that taking care of your eyes are important.

2. I think being taught about inherited dangers online are important.

Digital security
online precautions to keep you safe

1. I think it is important to be safe online.

2. I think that learning not to trust people online is important.