Conditionals Zero

1.- If you wash the dishes, you can go to the party

2.- If you can't sleep, drink a cup of beer :p

3.- If you want to be a good person, you should go to church

4.- If you want eat, you must wash the dishes

5.-If I want to be happy, I need meet me

First Conditional

1.- If it doesn't rain, we'll go for a walk

2.- If the climate change, I'll can't go to the bar

3.- If my car fails, I'll can't to the party

4.- If I get up early, I'll can go to the party

5.- If it does rain, I'll go to the street

Second Conditional

1.-If I were you, I would sleep all day

2.- If climate change happens, the sea would be under 10m of water

3.- If I were you, I would play all day tibia

4.- If everyone had clean water to drink, there would be a lot lesse disase

5.- If I had millions dollars, I'd give a lot to food to the poor people

Third Conditional

1.- If I had married Angeles :'( , I would be happier now

2.- If we had caught the earlier train, we would have got there on time but we were late

3.- If I had worked harder at school, I would have got better grades

4.- If I had my dog "Deep", I would be happier now

5.-If I had had time, I would have gone to see him

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