Jasmine,J.C and Sterling
Westward Expansion Project

Dear dairy

you would not believe whats going to happen today.Im going to move tomorrow today is preparing   day but is so hard getting out of boston.my friend sarah happer was exsited to come alone with us. but she had no other choices but to come with us because her parents had died last week.because of a battle went down.right in front of her house and her and her brother josh was the only one who survives.i know dairy how did her parents died they went outside before the battle had went down.and  BOOW.the parents got shot down.both of the parents drop down to the floor.i don't want to say where they got shot.because it is a said moment dairy it over i got to start packing again

sincerely zofia jones

december 24 1849

dear dairy december 12/25/49

we are on the go we are going to california it.it says on dadys pokectwhach that it is 1: 45 we are obout to each lunch but while mom is perparing  daddy ask sarah and i a qustion it was how did movement west inpack the devalopment of the usa sarah and i look at eachother then at dad at the same time i ask him but why did you say how did instead of how will sarah agree as mama bought our l;unch ann josh stared at his food drolling my father emedetly corrected himself  we  will be incressing the poulation of calforina  and other place down west with breding in my moth sara eating grapes like a monkey eating bananas.

dear diary , I know it has been a willsen5tss i ahve weote