Top 10 Memories of 7th Grade

by: Sam Willkomm

#10-Gym Class

Gym class was one of my favorite specials. We did many fun games and activities in gym including kickball, wallball, RGR, tennis, volleyball, matball, basketball, and many more. I had Mr. Ross as a teacher, and I had a blast in gym.


Honors English/Language Arts (HELA) was one of my favorite classes in 7th grade. Mrs. Krisfalusy was our teacher. We did many fun activities like Outsiders' Day, Odysseus, radio dramas, Uglies face, road of trials, the monomyth, and tiered question races. Even though some of the work we did was challenging and very hard, Mrs. Kris always found a way to incorporate something fun into the activity.


The dances, which were after school, were one of my favorite experiences. Most of them our non-formal, but there is one that is formal which is usually around Valentine's Day. The dances are always a great time, and it is nice to be with your friends and to get out of your box.


Art was a very fun special this year. Mrs. Seitz was our teacher, and she is really cool. We learned perspective and many other things, and below are some of the art that I did. Art was a fun subject.


Basketball was another fun experience I had in 7th grade. Our coach was Mr. Ross, and we had a pretty good season. We one most of our games, but lost in the semifinals of the tournament to Orange. It was a very fun and exciting season. The kids that were on my team were Jack, Mason, George, Nick, Nate, Alan, Aidan, Donny, Andrew, Jon, and Robert. I am excited for next year with Mr. Burns.

#5-Digital Skills

Digital skills was very fun with Mr. Timmons. We did many fun things like photoshop, 3-d design, and Code. It was a very fun subject that I enjoyed a lot.


Baseball was a very fun experience even though I only got to play in 19 games. We went 15-4 before my surgery. I hit .450 by the time I had to get surgery. I had a blast playing baseball and being with all my friends.

#3-Counselors From Camp

This was a very fun experience in my 7th grade year. A couple days before camp, all the counselors came in and we got to know them. We got to go outside and play all  the games we were going to play at camp. It was really fun to get to know the counselors.


Track was a very fun part of my 7th grade year. At first, I didn't know if I was going to like track, but by the end, I really enjoyed it. I ran 400m, 4x1, and 4x4. Track was  really fun and we didn't lose a single meet.


Camp was by far my favorite part of 7th grade. We did many activities including camo games, creek walk, nature walk, outdoor cooking, rock wall and zip line, scavenger hunt, orienteering, pond study, gaga ball, skit night, s'mores, fishing, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, survivor, etc. We had a blast and I enjoyed it very much.


#5-Radio Dramas

My fifth favorite thing in HELA was the radio dramas. The radio dramas were when we partnered up with 3 other people and made our own radio drama. I did it with Nick, Nate, and John. We had a good time making it.


My fourth favorite thing in HELA was the monomyth. We watched a couple videos and made a fun poster. The monomyth was a pretty fun activity.

#3-Uglies Face

My third favorite thing in HELA was the uglies face. The uglies face was a very fun activity. It took a long time to finish the face, but the final product was very good. I had a blast with the uglies face.

#2-Road of Trials w/ Krisfaluit

My second favorite thing in HELA was the road if trials with Krisfaluit. We did many activities that challenged our minds. We had a good time with this activity.

#1-Outsiders' Day

My favorite thing in HELA was Outsiders' Day. We did many activities in Mrs. Kris's room, Mr. Kowalski's room, and Mrs. McHugh's room. We also got to dress up like Soc's or Greasers', the two groups of people in the book. I had a fun time with this.


These classes our my top 3 classes other than HELA, gym, digital skills, and art.


Math was pretty fun. We did A LOT of lessons. By the end of the year, we learned a lot. Mrs. Gulas let us sit wherever we wanted which was fun.


Health was also a fun subject. We learned about drugs, smoking, bullying, and other things. Mrs. Kerchenski used fun ways to learn not to do these bad things. Health was very fun.

#1-Social Studies

Social Studies was one of my favorite subjects. We learned about many interesting topics, like the Renaissance, Medieval times, and Vikings. Mr. Barr had several fun activites, including Runa coming in and Medieval Night. Social Studies may not have been the most fun topic to learn about, but Mr. Barr made it fun to learn.

Survival Tips


Camp was my favorite experience in 7th grade. The best parts were:

1.Camo Games

In this, we did capture-the-flag. It was really fun.

2. Outdoor Cooking

In this, we made hobo pies and banana/peach boats. I made three hobo pies: the fist one was pepperoni, cheese, and sauce. The second one was cherry filling, chocolate, and marshmallow. The third one was marshmallow and brown sugar. My favorite was the third one.

3. Dance

The dance was on the last day. It was kind of sad because it was the last activity of camp. We all had a blast at the dance.

4. Ultimate Frisbee

We played ultimate Frisbee the whole time which was a blast. Our team won both games.

5. Creek Walk

In this, we walked up a stream. We found crayfish and salamanders. We also climbed up waterfalls. The creek walk was very fun.

A La Carte

1. Keep your locker organized

2. Be on time to class

3. Finish your homework
4. Turn in library books
5. Explain all your answers


Language Arts

Mrs. Krisfalusy, Mrs. McHugh, and Mr. Kowalski


Mrs. Carimi and Mr. Peterson


Social Studies

Mr. Klimkowski and Mrs. Burton

Mr. Barr and Dr. Bates

Mrs. Kerchenski


Digital Skills

Mr. Timmons



Mrs. Seitz

Mr. Ross, Mr. Gowdy, and Mrs. Kosierok


Always stay on top of your homework and finish your homework. You may think that homework is not that important, but it can really affect your grade. Always stay on top of it too because it is never fun doing it Sunday night. Do not procrastinate and wait until the last minute, especially on a big project. You may not think it, but the teachers can tell if you waited to the last minute.

Don't be nervous about 7th grade. In my opinion, it was a lot easier than 6th grade. There are many nice teachers in 7th grade. There is nothing to worry about

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