Whitman R.

7th grade portfolio

My Portfolio Refection

How would you describe your writing at the beginning of the year and how would you describe it now?    

My writing is definitely better than when I started seventh grade. My writing in the beginning of the year had almost less of a purpose than my later pieces. They had a clear purpose on what it was about and what I wanted to communicate.

What do you consider your writing strengths? Explain.

My writing strengths would be my imagination. It allows me to envision scenes, allowing me to get closer to the characters and the plot. It helps me find ways to describe and explain my essays.

What piece of writing from this year best captures your growth as a writer and thinker? Explain why.

The "Outsiders" essay really shows my advancement in English. Before seventh grade, Writing was less on actual books and ideas, so I really advanced in this area of  English. I learned how to write on books, and how to break down the books, unlocking the true meaning of books.

What piece of writing from this year are you most proud of? Explain why.

I am  most proud of the Holocaust final draft piece. We wrote about how Jews survived through the concentration camps. It was a enlightening  and unique experience that I was new to . I learned so much about  the holocaust and how the people felt at that time.

What writing skills do you need and/or want to continue to develop next year? Explain.

I really want to keep my skills on writing on books and topics. I will be able to utilize these talents when I am in high school and college. If I succeed here, then I will be able to succeed there in the future.


Hero’s Journey Essay

A hero must have what it takes to do the right thing,no matter the cost. A hero faces hardship, great and small, and overcomes it. Ponyboy and Johnny lay low in a church, after Johnny kills bob in self-defense. Johnny dies after saving some children from a fire in the church, and Dally is killed by the police after he learns of Johnny’s death and robs a grocery store. “The Outsiders”, by S.E. Hinton, is a monomyth because ponyboy follows the Hero’s Journey.

Ponyboy continues to experience The initiation when Johnny and Dally die after they church burns down. After Johnny dies, Ponyboy thinks abouts Johnny often,

“Remembering a handsome,dark boy with a reckless grin and a hot temper. A tough, towheaded boy with a cigarette in his mouth and a bitter grin on his hard face. Remembering- and this time it didn’t hurt- a quiet, defeated-looking sixteen-year-old who had black eyes with a frightened expression in them. One week had taken all of them.”(180), And he remembers everything that is happening

In the Hero’s Journey, the second part of the initiation is when the hero faces his final challenge, and rises up against it, and conquers his greatest fear. Ponyboy enters the end of the initiation when Johnny and Dally die after the fire in the church.Ponyboy formed a deep emotional bond with Johnny during their time together at the church, And when Johnny dies Ponyboy feels the impact greatly upon himself. When Dally is killed, He just cannot cope with reality, which would mean accepting the truth. For him, that was the greatest challenge of them all. To finish the initiation, Ponyboy makes amends with Johnny and accepts reality.

The Outsiders, is a mono myth because it follows the path of the hero's journey. Ponyboy first starts the separation from the known when he and Johnny run away after Bob attacks them. He enters the initiation when he runs into the flaming church to save the children. After the hearing, Ponyboy starts to return to daily life. S.E. Hinton wants everyone to be aware of inequality, and the problems that it causes, and try to improve the way we live.


Letter #5

July 7, 1942

Dear Ulrich and Alexander,

The S.S. dropped us off at a large bunk in crowded field. We were sharing with another family. Once we were integrated into daily life, the S.S. began taking away people by the truckloads. But none of them ever came back. My father said that we were lucky to have no one in our family taken away. Then they took my sister. She screamed for help, but nobody could help her. I felt like something had been ripped from my soul. We never saw her again.

My father spoke to me softly, saying “Meir, you have to be strong, for your mother. Or else she won’t make it.”

I stayed strong for her, but on the inside I was shuddering with sadness and fear. We were served small bit of food each morning, usually a small bowl of watery soup, and a small bit bread in the evening. My mother slipped into a depression, and nothing could bring her back. She wasted away until one day she collapsed. We never saw her after that day. My father cried for hours and held me tightly.

“Just promise me you will be safe ,” he asked me, “please.”

July 23,1942

The people who were not being carted away had to walk a back-breaking walk of several kilometres to a dirty old factory that was falling apart. They had us making uniforms for the Nazi soldiers in huge looms. I despised it. It was like I had a high fever, I was feeling hot and sick. I was helping my own murderer. We were making clothes that protected the very people that killed my people by the thousands. If we stopped walking, the guards would kick and beat us until we walked. I walked back to my bunk with a vile feeling in my stomach every day.

July 27, 1942

I have lost 15 pounds since my first week in Belzec because of the malnourishment and hard labor that the Nazis forced us to perform. Sometimes, on cold, rainy mornings, we go up at five, then the S.S. make us all stand in long straight rows for hours and hours. Then we would have eight hours of hard back-breaking work to follow our exhausting and freezing lines in the morning. One man attacked a soldier, stole his gun, and instead of running, put a bullet in his own head to make the suffering stop.

The worst thing was, we were all punished for the man's mistake. We were all beaten black and blue with the butts of the guards rifles. I couldn't move for two days after the beating.

I secretly hold out hope that The allied forces will liberate our camp, but after weeks and weeks it is quite a small chance they will arrive. If you can somehow tell the allied forces where we are, please tell them. I can’t last much longer, I’m just skin and bones. I’ll die in a few weeks if you don’t do something.



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