By: Becca Fitzpatrick

Silence the third book in the Hush Hush series


Nora was abducted  by her biological father Hank Millar. Nora has been missing for four months. She remembers nothing at all except for her personal information.She reunites with her mother who was worried and even offered a reward to anyone who was able to find her.  As time passes by she goes back to school and starts to see flashbacks and starts to get a clear picture of who her kidnapper was. She even meets her ex boyfriend,Patch who she forgot about.Patch tries to protect her  without getting into her life once again.But Nora feels that she has fallen in love with him yet again.Her mother dates Hank Millar who is Nephlim. With Patch being a fallen angel, Hank and Patch have a bad relationship.Nora gets her memory back and remembers everything that she taught was once lost. She even remembers Patch and they are back together.  After remembering Nora confronts Hank. She tells him everything she knows. He doesn't deny it and even tells her that he has turned her into Nephim. She swears an oath that hank made her do saying that by becoming Nephlim, she will take on responsibility of her fathers army to destroy fallen angels. If the oath is not fulfilled both her mother and her self will die. Once she made the oath she went to tell powerful angels and told them that her father has been using devilcraft. After saying that they say that he is able to die. Once that is done she grabs a pistol and shoots her father which dies. Now she realizes that her next challenge is to lead the Nephlim race to a war against Fallen Angels.   


Nephlim- A combination of human and angel that is powerful both mentally and physically. And are immortal.

Fallen Angel-An angel that was banished from heaven and who's wings were ripped of their body before falling to earth. Also have power both mentally and physically and can feel nothing. They are also immortal

Nora-A curious girl who finds her self in lots of trouble.

Patch-A mysterious boy who hides a dark  past and secrets.

Hank-A malicious man who's goal is to stop fallen angels and to turn Nora into nephlim.

Scott-An old friend of Nora's that would protect her to repay for the death of her father.

Vee-Nora's friend who is looking for a fun time with Nora.

Nora's mother-Over protective about Nora after her abduction and in love with Hank Millar. She dislikes Patch.


Present Day in Coldwater Main

Text-To-Self Connections

This is not similar nor does it remind me of my life because I have not dealt with  the problems any of the Characters have faced.

This is really different from my life and others since we don't face the everyday challenges that the characters have faced.

No something like this has never happened to me since I'm not nephlim nor have I been abducted.

When I read this I felt exited for what was going to happen next. I couldn't put the book down.

I have learned that memories do last forever and no amount of power can take that away from us.

Book Review

The book was not confusing nor was it hard to read. It was well written with the authors thoughts coming well through.

The book was predictable at some points but it had lots of shocking moments that made you drop the book.

I did like the ending because it was dramatic and it left you thinking how the series would end with the next book.

The authors style was descriptive especially when she described the characters. It created a mental movie.

I would rate the book a 10 since the thoughts were well written and came out clearly.

About the Author:

Becca Fitzpatrick  was born and raised at Centerville,UT. She attended Brigham Young University and earned a degree in health. She would later give up her health profession to become a writer. Books that she has written are The Hush Hush series,  Black Ice, and she will release a new book this year called Dangerous Lies . She has won the teens top ten award for best book.

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