#Autumn's Rocking Summer


This summer, I volunteered at the hospital my dad works at, working with post-anesthetic patients and their families. My father works in the operating room, and it was pretty cool being able to run into him at work.


My Kind of Camping

My family and I took a trip out to Wilkes Barre, PA this summer, and every night there was amazing sunsets. With the mountains in the back, the view was breathtaking. I dont think staying in a hotel counts as camping, but it's my kind of camping.


The Park

I'm the middle child of 5. I have an older brother, Scott, who is 29 and an older sister, Shay, who is 21. I also have two younger sisters, Kashmir, who is 14, and Sirreal, who is 7. I spent a lot of time taking Sirreal to the park this summer.



Mostly, this summer, I took the time to relax. My cat Thunder and I made this a weekday habit.


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