Daily Life of Romans
By Brock Van Groesbeck

Roman citizens walking about the city.

ROME-Our Citizens of Rome are living the good life, or at least some. Wealthy citizens are living well, as for the poor, are not.

The wealthy locals are doing well with jobs, having good meals, and having slaves do all the work. They just relax in their beautiful built houses. Unfortunately, this is the exact opposite for the poor.

The poor citizens are having bad times. Their houses are burning because of the way they are poorly built. They are eating little, and not doing the best they can be doing. Some wealthy locals have stated things like,"They have no hope," and ;"It is just who they are.

But, jobs in Rome have been spectacular, for almost everyone! Farmers crops have been growing well, according to them. "My crops have been spectacular, and I have been able to feed my family," a local farmer stated,"It is like magic."

That being said, the teachers and lawyers  have been having many new people joining. Lots of young kids and adults have been getting really good educations, looking for a good job to fulfill. A lawyer stated "It is truly great to see how smart these kids are, it is a big step of life to be this educated."

Aside from that, many Roman citizens have been bathing long! They bathe for almost an hour! Stay clean and superior Rome!

Now lets talk food! Yum! As stated earlier, farmers crops have been real well. And you know what that means, food! Farmers have farmed lots of wheat to make bread. Families have avoided starvation pretty well. But, people have had to eat little, and save up on food. People have been getting home from dinner, and eating food at 3:oo!

These new routines have started a good life in Rome. But some people need help, and quick. If these people do not get help quick, this can get dirty. Some people care and some do not. These people need help, but it all comes down on who will help them.

And this is how us, Rome reacts. We do what we can, and this is our daily life. Many locals have stated what they think. Most of Rome is fine, but not all.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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