Sports Functionality With Innovative Designs of Citizen Eco Drive

Citizen brought sophistication into rough conditions, which required a multi-way approach towards a single solution. It was in their agenda to combine sports functionalities and innovative designs to create some extreme, multi-function timepieces that you don’t need to leave home when heading for beach volleyball, surfing or heading some rough terrain on two or four wheels. Just suit a design/style to suit your workplace; you’ll be surprised how efficiently it doubles up as your play-hard watch.

The first name that comes to mind in this regard is the Promaster collection, among which, the Altichron is perhaps the greatest if you got an affinity towards water. The Promaster Altichron features the same eco-drive technology, which continues to make electrical charges even when deep under water, with the feeblest light. It measures altitude and gives directions and to ensure it doesn’t break under the most demanding conditions, it is made from titanium. That makes it lightweight; whether you are climbing the hills or diving into the sea, it makes significant difference.

However, the good thing is, may be the sports functionality and innovative designs of Citizen eco drive promaster diver watches sound as if they are complicated tools, but their complex functions do have a very easy operating mechanism. This helps to retain the pleasure of wearing a space-age accessory anywhere you like and it applies as much as to the newer lot (e.g. the radio controlled AT9030-55L) as to the Altichron or the simple chronographs (e.g. CA0130-58A).

So, what are the things that make Eco-Drive watches suit both work and play?

Firstly, it’s ECO-DRIVE. Citizen understands how embarassing it is to don a watch that’s not moving (when the battery runs down) and deadly when you are amidst a challenging sport, so provisions were made to make a watch generate its own power and keep running without missing a beat. Next, it’s radio-control, which keeps you spot on time to achieve some record where single seconds count.Next comes the accurate, split-second measurements of elapsed time and also dual-time feature that help you follow up with the Grand-Prix rerun on the TV. On top of that, Citizen watches often come with the options of world-time and alarm, which keep you informed about not letting go off even a single chance to prove your mettle when the time is ripe for it. And they do it without crossing the permissible limits of the current trends.

The sports functionalities and innovative designs of Citizen eco drive promaster aqualand watches have earned them a worldwide customer base, irrespective of age and nationality; profession or zealotry. But well, once you are a wearer, it’s very tough coming out of the zealotry that you will develop within a few days of wearing a Citizen sports watch – by no chance you are going to buy that something this advanced can be so inexpensive! But it is and that’s where Citizen beats the rest.