James Meredith

"Be Equal in Reality

James Meredith was born on June 25, 1933 in Kosciusko, MS. He served nine years on the US air force. He was the first African American to enroll to "Old Miss" although he was dined at first. The then dean of "Old Miss" didn't want him in his school so he called the national guard and told them not to let him in his school but then president John Kennedy denied it and told national guard to help him into the school. He graduated from "Old Miss" in 1964. He then went to law school and earned his law degree. One day on a Train in Tennessee he was forced to the back of the train a white man. He vowed that day that he would everything in his power to help African Americans across the United states. In protest he started a walk called the "Walk against fear" that started from Memphis, Tennessee and ended in Jackson, Mississippi.  He was shot during the walk by a suspected white male and had to be hospitalized, but fortunately was able to walk the last few days. In 1956 he married Mary June Wiggins. They had three sons together. She later died of heart failure in 1979. Then in 1982 he married Judy Alsobrooks. They had two kids together. He currently lives in Jackson, Mississippi.

I know James Meredith was a very brave man who was respected by many. He was also probably very patriotic from serving his country. I also think he was very tough because he got shot and STILL walked in protest. I also think he was a very smooth like because he had to talk people into trusting him. Some might think he silk as well because he seemed really cool. Its kinda like "wow." That's what i think at least. So this is my story of James Meredith.


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