Bob's Middle School Adventure(Graph #3)

By Ashwin Senthil

Graph #3: Bob came to school through the side entrance today. His 1st period math class is 30 yards to the right. However, Bob's locker is 30 yards to the left, a full 60 yards from his math class. Bob went to his locker first, before he went to class. He took 3 minutes to get to his locker, and went at a steady pace of about 10 yards per minute. Bob was at his locker for 3 minutes, 60 yards away from his math class. Then realizing he was about to be late, Bob rushed to class, taking 3 minutes to get there, and going at a speed of about 20 yards per minute. Bob took a total of 9 minutes to get to class upon entering the building, and went a total distance of 90 yards. He was also late to class. Bad idea, Bob.

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