"During Reading Strategy: Say Something"

Original Lesson

Learning Goal

-for students to read actively and recognize three types of questions

Success Criteria for Each Question

Facts-one right answer, text specific

Opinion-subjective choice or Predictions-many possible references

Big Picture

-answer is complex and can have two or more answer

-research can inform answer

-question makes a connection between content of the book and real world scenarios/problems/situations

Modified Lesson With Beers

Modification#1 Practice Makes Perfect

-purpose of "during reading: say something" is for students to practice and for informal assessment

Modification#2 Scaffolding

-Beers calls it "say something" because students practice many different skills before being asked to move to higher order thinking (make a prediction, ask a question, clarify, make a comment, make a connection).  

Modification#3 Chart-Types of Questions (Bloom, Q Chart) for a wide variety of questions when students actually design them….