Pc build

Intel Celeron G1620 2.70GHz socket 1155 2MB cache retail boxed processor,  im chosing this one because it is capable for the need of a receptionist and has all the requirments, also this is at £28.83 (

RAM- Corsair VS2GB1333D3 Value select 2GB ( i have chose this because it is 2GB which it plents for the requirments also this is very cheap at £11.50

Motherboard- ASRock H61M-VG4 Socket 1155 VGA 5.1 CH HD audio micro ATX motherboard i have chose this because it supports sata and intel, also this is cheap at £30.75.

monitor- Acer K202HQLB 19.5 inch monitor (  i have chose this because its cheap £37.39, and it has a 19.5 inch monitor so this is a suitable size.

Software- windows 7 professional 32 & 64 bit refurbished (service pack 1) English ( i chose this because it is suitable for the receptionist and this is what they probably have trained on, also its £59.00

Power supply- 500 Watt atx power supply quite 20-24 pin with sataq ( i have chosen this because it is cheap at £12.00 and is just what you need.

keyboard- Microsoft wired keyboard 600 - black (standard packaging) ( this is just suitable for easily using your keyboard, this is also very cheap at ££6.00

mouse- Microsoft optical mouse 200 - black (business packaging) ( this is very easy to use, and a basic mouse to be able to use this is very cheap at £4.17


Topologies refer to the layout of the computers on a network.

topology that I recommend for By the Humber Recruitment Agency is a bus. I recommend this because...........

There are two types of network. A client server and peer to peer. I recommend a client server because it has a good security so you and your colleagues can access this without random people accessing it,

Each person has a individual username and password, a network administrator can set a variation levels of access for users, restricting what they can do on the network.

if a server goes offline then all of the resources on the server are unavailable.

A user will be able to use any client station in the network to access their files.

since all the files are stored centrally it is an easier job back up each server in the network.

print servers and web servers can be shared easily.

expensive servers and a network operating system required.

The components that would be needed to connect to the network (both local area and wider area) include:


Network interface card-  is installed in a computer so that it can be connected to a network, Network interface cards provide a dedicated, permanent connection to the network.

HUB-  Hubs are mostly used to connect segments of a LAN A hub contains multiple ports.

Switch- A switch is similar to a hub but can switch and direct infomation to a computer,

coaxial cable- this is widely used for computer networks such as Ethernet.


WIFI- this allows computer, smartphones or other devices to connect to the internet or communicate with another wireless device within a particular area,

Internet browser- this is a software application for retrieving, presenting infomation, while accessing all the infomation on the web.

Internet service provider- An internet service provider is a company such as virgin media, sky and others!, usually for a fee, the most common is a broadband connection.

Using the network to manage resources    

User logins- All users have their own logins for their own privacy, and for the security of their work and data.

Shared hardware resources- in computing a share resource or network share, is a computer resource made accessible from one host to other host on a computer network.

share storage-  share storage is a medium accessible by all of the subscribers in a network, intended for file storage and allowing simultaneous access by multiple subscribers without the need to duplicate files to their computers.

shared security- the company could share security by using the server to download security software to all computer running on the network.

there are possible wired and wireless network issues:

Problems]                                                                                    [solution

hardware or software problems-                                            replace or repair them.

a wireless network adapter switch, that's not enabled.     make sure it is set up correctly                                                                                                            and working

WEP, WPA, or WPa2 security or passphrase issues.         You need to have the correct                                                                                                                security password.

corrupted or incompatible drives.                                         then you need to get the corrupt                                                                                                         device repaired or if you have to                                                                                                          purchase a new one, if its                                                                                                                      incomparable then you will have                                                                                                        to buy a new one.

missing updates                                                                         contact support, or keep looking                                                                                                        for an update

cables that aren't connected properly                                  then double check if they are                                                                                                               connected properly

network connection settings                                                    go through your setting                                                                                                                         thoroughly and see if they are                                                                                                             suitable for your preference

legal requirements of software licenses

open source- open source is software that can be freely used, changed, and shared, can be modified by anyone, open source software made by many people and distributed under licenses that comply with the open source definition

single user-  the authorization that grants one user the right to use a software package, it may grant the user the right to install the software on only one machine, or it may authorize installation on any number of machines as long as that same licensee is the only user.

multi user- is a term that defines an operating system or application software that allows access by multiuser of a computer, time- sharing systems are multi-user systems

New system builds for requirements.

Recommended changes

if you are spending 2-3 hours at the computer should get a overlay to make it better for you eyes.

if you are playing games on a computer (not at work) then you should get a up to date graphics card to make playing video games better quality.

If your Pc is taking a while to boot, then you should get a new upgraded hard drive.

if you spend alot of time typing on a computer, then you should think about getting a more comfortable keyboard and mouse

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