2.2 million years ago-8,000bc
Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, Nomads, Neanderthal, and Cro-Magnon Man.

Clothing: Very early man were hairy so they did not need clothes. Homo Habilis had fur and didn’t wear clothes. Homo Erectus were the first to wear clothes. The people of the stone age skinned animals. Since it was pretty cold in the stone age the people had to layer.

Livelihood- The creatures had very large teeth so it was very easy to chew. Although they had large teeth, the creatures of the Paleolithic age had small brains thats why they got extinct.

Animals: Cave Art Paintings of animals was very popular in the paleolithic time period. A very vicious animal was the cave lion. It is half lion half tiger. Wooly mammoths were also around during this time. A wooly mammoth is a type of elephant that was very big that also had strong tusks.

Communication: Some people think that drawing cave art was a sign of communication. They also used hand symbols, Some scientists believe   

Way of life: they moved around a lot because of the weather change. The also were involved in agriculture.

Fossils and Artifacts: The fossil of a Neanderthal was found in a place called Neanderthal thats why they were called Neanderthals People have also found artifacts of cave art dating back all the to the Paleolithic age.

Fire: The Homo Erectus created fire 1.8 million years ago. They use their fire to make food.

the Homo Erectus tools:

These tools were simple modern for their time period.

hand axes :an axe without a handle

flint and steel:A tool to make fire

arrow heads : the head to an arrow

antelope horn: could be some sort of dagger or sword

sword: a sword with stone blade

deluxe axe: an stone axe with a handle.

Ceremonies: buried dead, and mummified there dead, they also used fire for special occasions,

Civilizations: Paleolithic creatures moved around a lot and stayed in a pack. Homo Habilis would also travel across wide oceans, because the Pacific and Atlantic oceans were frozen over.

Characteristics: The Paleolithic creatures had big teeth and were about 3ft- 4ft tall. Homo Habilis people also had big brains and flat faces.

  • BTW, the Theory that we formed from apes is FALSE!

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