GOAL! No touch down just goal for soccer. It's not American football but in America it's called soccer. I will be talking about the positions, penalty kicks, and rules.


Every player has a role to fill on the field. The goalie is the last defense against the other team. The defenders will help the goalie kick the ball to the attackers on your team. The attackers on your team will go for the other goal.

Penalty kicks

A penalty kick happens when a hand ball, player injured other team player. If the injured player can still play he/she can get a free on the goal. The goalie will try and stop them from getting a point/goal.


Every game has rules. Soccer has a couple rules.

  1. Only the goalie can grab the ball if he/she is in the goal box.
  2. If the ball goes out side lines it is foul and is a side kick now.
  3. If the ball gets in the goal line it is a goal/point.

Goal! hope you had fun leaning about soccer. Remember goal not touch down.