St. Patty's Day Preschool Project

A rainbow of watercolors & shamrock painting pad

Holiday treats don't have to be food, to be fun!

So, my son is in his 2nd year of preschool.  Most grade schools where we live do not allow food/homemade treats handed out for holidays in class.  I was trying hard to use up all my awesome food ideas while I still could, before he starts Kindergarden in the fall.  Until that is, a classmate of his was diagnosed with diabetes.  : (  So, since we were notified I've taken to sending "non-food" treats for class parties to ensure he is included and doesn't feel left out because he can't have the sweets & treats!  It's great practice for next year too.

So I made these homemade watercolor paints, they were so simple to throw together and they work great!  When I got the idea that the paints could be a rainbow I just Googled "homemade watercolors."  This is the recipe I used: 

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