Content Lesson Ideas:

1. Have students conduct research or an experiment gathering data to display visually in Google Spreadsheets.

Students can create a Google Form to collect the data that feeds into a Google Spreadsheet. Then, in the Spreadsheet, students can visually show data through the use of charts and graphs.

Getting students to regularly locate and analyze data is an excellent way to develop critical thinking...use this link for students to search ONLY data on any given topic:

Students could survey favorite snacks, movies, hobbies, cartoons for qualitative research or identify highest grossing films, rainfall in a given area, or casualties of war statistics as examples of quantitative data.

2. Have students develop a database using Google Forms to input data, then organize the data to properly display, color-code, and add graphics.

Students create a Google Form to gather data such as information about the elements on the Periodic Table. As they research the different elements, they input that into a Google Form that builds a Database in the Google Spreadsheet. Once the data is displayed in the Google Spreadsheet, it can be color coded.

3. Categorize or organize vocabulary words, novel characters, historical eras, or any type of information or concepts.

Animated Gif below by Alice Keeler

Check out these Google Spreadsheet Tutorials: