Sponge Bob


Sponge Bob and his friends live in the city of Bikini Bottom under the ocean. His address is 124 Conch Street he lives far from his parents. He lives in a Pineapple house with his pet Garry. Patick lives in a rock right next to Squidward and Sponge Bob. Bikini Bottom is a small city.


Sponge Bob mostly eats Krabby Patties that he makes at work, he works at the Krusty Krab. He sometimes buys food and cereal at the grocery store. But he eats all kinds of foods. Patrick would eat anything he founds when he is hungry. And Gary, SpongeBob's pet eats snail food.


Sponge Bob goes to a driving school with Mrs. Puff. He is the longest standing student Mrs. Puff has ever had. Mrs. Puff has been showing Sponge Bob how to drive at school but Sponge Bob failed the test several times.

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Sponge Bob likes to go walk with Gary or hang out with Patrick, his best friend. Squidward likes to play the clarinet and Mr. Crabs likes to earn money.

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