5 Day Theater Project

Over the past five days we got an assignment which was quiet interesting that only 7 schools across the nation were participating in. We were assigned to groups to devise a play based on three different stimuli. Monty, Emily, Olivia, Noah, Colin, and I created Cortar. Cortar is the Spanish word for strings. Our play we devised was an abusive couple attempting to show the perfect relationship through puppets. The puppeteers only say one word responses to their puppets actions in order to what they want the puppet to do. For example, the boy puppeteer would command the girl puppet to act the way as he would like his girlfriend to act. The audience is able to see the relationship becoming more violent from the way the puppeteers react to each others control of the puppets. at the end of the show, the girl puppeteer drops the boy puppet to show that she kills the boy puppeteer.

We then got the plays written from the other school and choose which plays we were going to perform and who each student would play in those plays. My character was Deveron Davis in the play, The Hood. Deveron was a gangster who lived in the hood with his homies. His best friend, Deanglo, wants to leave the hood and live a meaningful life after his brother gets killed. Deveron feels threaten and betrayed by these news so is willing to shoot a former homie in order to maintain the balance of the hood. I wasn't to fond of the play, but loved playing a gangster.


Through out the fall, I've been in Fiddler on the Roof. My character in fiddler is Perchik, a newcomer to the town of Anateveka from Keiv. Perchik was a student in Keiv and comes to Anateveka to teach Jewish children about the bible. Perchik is kinda a rebel in the sense where he is trying to change the ways or traditions in Anateveka, a town who loves an follows their traditions. He falls in love with Hodel, one of Tevyes five daughters, who is strong in faith and believes that everything is perfect exactly the way it is. Perchik ends up going back to Keiv and getting arrested before him and Hodel can get married.

I created a little back story about Perchik and why he left Keiv. While Perchik was going to school, he believe that things needed to change like everyone else in his generation. It got to the point where things needed to go exactly the way Perchik wanted them. Perchik started to break the law and ran from the authorities which is why he is in Anateveka. When he returns to Keiv, he is found and arrested.

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