Bob Dylan

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class
Made by R.T. 6th Hr. Mrs. Hemry

Bob Dylan, born as Robert Allen Zimmerman, was born May 24, 1941 in Duluth, Minnesota.

Significant Events in History that Affected Robert's Life

  • Woody Guthrie's Death (inspired him to write "Song to Woody")
  • George Jackson's Death
  • Jakob Dylan's Bar Mitzvah
  • The imprisonment of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter (inspired him to write "Hurricane")
  • Sara 's & his divorce

Dylan's Childhood

When Robert was young, he looked up to musicians like Little Richard. I think this was a majoring factor to him wanting to be a musician. When he was in Hibbing High School, his goal was to "join Little Richard". When he was 22, he recorded an american classic, "Blowin' in the Wind".

Important family members

Jakob Dylan- Son of Bob Dylan & Sara Dylan

Jesse Dylan- Son of Bob Dylan & Sara Dylan

Samuel Dylan- Son of Bob Dylan & Sara Dylan

Maria Dylan - Daughter of Bob Dylan & Sara Dylan

Anna Dylan- Daughter of Bob Dylan & Sara Dylan

Joan Baez- Ex-Girlfriend

Sara Dylan- Ex-Wife

Sara Dylan is told to be the focus of some of his songs. He even wrote a song named "Sara."

Interesting Facts About Dylan

  1. Was in a band with George Harrison of The Beatles, Tom Petty of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Roy Orbison, & Jeff Lynne called "Traveling Wilburys."
  2. He received a D-plus in a music-appreciation class at the University of Minnesota.
  3. He is friends with the Beatles.
  4. He was a contributing editor to "Broadstreet".
  5. Has met Woody Guthrie.


  1. Getting "Blowin' in the Wind" to #2 on Top Ten.
  2. In 1991, he got the "Lifetime Achievement Award."
  3. In 1980, he received "Grammy for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance."
  4. Was in "Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid."
  5. In 1988, he was introduced to the "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame."

Significance of Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan introduced Blues to Rock and he is a worldwide singer. He has made many classics throughout the years. He has toured with many well known people is one of my favorite musicians. I really like his work with the "Traveling Wilburys" and really like his stuff with his original band as well.A lot of people have covered his music. He is truly an amazing artist. The videos below are some of my personal favorites, "Mr. Tambourine Man" and Rage Against the Machine's version of "Maggie's Farm."

Words of Advice

"... When I get involved in something, I get totally involved...."

"It's all the same tour. The Never-Ending Tour...."

" I was never going to do anything else. Never. All I wanted to do was play my guitar. It was a way of gaining attention, & whatever. It starts out that way... But I didn't know where it was going to lead. Now that it's lead me here I still don't know where it is."

What I learned about this person/ What is his theme

I learned to live up life, to follow my dreams, to be me for me & not listen to other people. Follow your own path.


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