Aquarium Scrapbook

By: Tony Hinson

When I walked into  the aquarium I saw stingrays and some birds( I'm pretty sure the birds were parakeets) , I heard a lot of people, and I smelled fish because there were a bunch of stingrays swimming around and a couple of fish.

Picture By: Tony Hinson

Some penguins live in really cold places like Antarctica  and others live by the equator where it is quite warm. They all live in the southern hemisphere. They all need to live near a body of water to hunt for food.

1. individual- single or separate. For ex: 1 penguin in its envireoment

  population- a particular section, group type people or animals living in a particular area

2. The penguin depends on the water (which is abiotic) because that's where the fish(biotic) live and they depend on  them to survive

A community of organisms interact in their environment.The desert's interaction is parasitism. Parasitism is when one organism is harmed and one is benefited. Animals eat plants in the desert so I will call that parasitism. Mutualism also happens in this community. An animal eats fruit from a plant. The animal benefits because it gets food and the plant benefits because because of the seed scattering(dispersal). An example of commensalism in  the desert community is a hawk building a nest on a saguaro cactus.

1. community- a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

   ecosystem- a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.

The first picture is of a amoeba and it belongs to the Protista kingdom. The second photo is of a sword plant and it belongs to the plantae kingdom. The third photo is black fungus and it belongs to the fungi kingdom. The last picture is jellyfish and they belong to the animalia kingdom

The Protista is usually unicellular, they have pigments, named xanthophylls, phycobilins, and carotene, they are either free-living or parasitic. The Plantae are multicellular, they have photosynthesis, and they are autotroph. The fungi are heterotroph, they reproduce sexual and asexual, and they are single celled. The Anamilia kingdom reproduces sexually, they are singled celled, and they have eukaryotic.

The animal that I choose is the shark. It is a consumer and it is heterotroph because it doesn't make its own food.

producer- something that makes its own stuff. For ex: the plant does photosynthesis to get glucose

consumer- organisms that feed off of other animals

decomposer- an organism that breaks down the cells of dead plants and animals into simpler substances

The first picture is of the rocks under water, the second picture is water it self, and the last photo is the sand.

Well the animals in the aquarium need abiotic factors because one of those factors are what they need to live. Like us humans need air to breath marine animal need water to survive.

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