The Story Of Two Boys And Their Struggle In The Great Depression

The two friends riding home

October 28, 1929, 6:00 pm

      "Look out!" Was all I heard before getting clubbed in the head with a baseball.

       "OW!" I fell to the ground as I held my head up, dizzy.

      "Aw dang it! Sorry Bart!" Tanner headed my way to help me up. As he helped me back on my feet he said, "A: You need to stop staring into space wondering whatever it is you are wondering, and B: You were lucky that hit didn't knock your brains out!"

     I always hated when someone said that luck came to me. I always believed I made my own luck, and it would be there when I wanted to.

     "I best head home. Mother will be worried about me. Besides it's supper time. I ran back out of the park and headed back to my tiny little house, where I live in New York

October 28, 1929, 6:10 pm

    "Mother! I'm home!" I spoke whilst placing my baseball cap on the hat stand and my shoes on the shoe rack. I ran to the dining room and found my parents cooking dinner.

"Dinner's in half an hour, so go do your homework!" Running up the stairs, I yelled back "I don't have any homework!" I always finish it before I do anything.

     My room isn't what you'd call "awesome" but it has a normal bed, normal drawers, normal baseball posters, normal lamp, normal radio. I hated normal. Normal was like eating stale bread all your life. I wanted my life to be special, with a luxury mansion and no school, but it wasn't possible. My family wasn't rich, but had enough money to live a good life, and school was the only way you could actually live up to 100 under a proper roof.

    I sat down and thought to myself. Would life ever go for me like I want it? If not, why?           

    "Dinner is ready, Bart!" I smelled chicken noodle soup! I loved anything meat. Especially soup. The smell was like a magnet, drawing me in like an animal with a bait cage. Then I reached the bottom, sat down and ate some of that soupy, delicious, warm soup filled with chicken flavor.


     "Honey, could you take out the trash?" Mom asked.

      "Yeah sure." I headed out with the garbage bag and threw out the big bag of trash. It was hard work for me. But, 6 years later, I would find myself in a tough situation



The evil meat factory Bart formerly worked at.

6 years later

"PUT YOUR BACK INTO IT, MEN!"  My angry boss, Mr. James, was screaming at us really loud. I was bleeding like crazy, and my bones felt like they were going to form into sawdust any minute now.

  "JONATHAN! GET UP! GET UP OR YOU'RE FIRED!" I couldn't take it anymore. So I used whatever strength I could muster in order to get up. I pretended to work. These days, everyone will do anything in order to live, even kill. That's what happened to my family. Shot in the streets. I then knew working here was going to kill me, so I slowly, carefully, removed enough money from Mr. James SERIOUSLY rich wallet to feed me for a week.

    That's when I escaped. I silently sneaked out the factory and ran back home. I lived with Tanner now, who was unaffected by the Depression. All I had now was his family.

    I thought to myself what happened 6 years ago on that day when the banks and stock market were crushed.


Flashback: 6 years ago

"We lost our money! All of it!" Mom and Dad yelled across the room. "We cannot live in here anymore!" I knew we had to give it up. The house, the belongings, the chicken soup. That's when I went to work at the factory. I ran out the room yelling "SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU!!!!!" I got on my bike and raced to Tanner's house while my parents rushed after me yelling for me to come back.I needed a miracle... luck... but it didn't come to me...

Tanner and Bart's house.


I ran back into the house and placed my shoes on the shoe rack and baseball cap on the hat stand. Deja vu, if I do say so myself. "Bartholomew, how was your day?" Mrs Adamson asked me as I ran downstairs. "I quit my job. I don't need one that cruel." Mrs Adamson was about to speak, but I quickly ran to the basement. I don't complain as much as I used to when I was 12. But life was great for me, and I will never complain again. I lay down on the bed and slept...

Epilogue, 20 years later

"Jacko, dinner's ready!" l yelled.  My kids, Jacko and Murielette, ran down, to smell my parent's former delicacy, chicken noodle soup. "Daddy, after dinner,  can we play ball?" I laughed playfully and patted Jacko on the head "Yeah kid. Let's do that." Muriel, my wife, said, "Now don't get dirty, those clothes were recently washed!"

   I got a job as a bank clerk after Mr and Mrs Adamson left the family fortune to me and Tanner. Tanner gave almost all of it to me, saying he can manage. That's the last time I ever saw him.

  I said, "Don't worry, Muriel, we'll clean up after. Come on kids."

  "OW!" Jacko yelled as Murielette accidentally pegged him in the head with the ball, rushing to help him up.

    I did make my own luck after all.


                                                                THE END