Chemical Engineeriing

By: Garius Denson

A chemical engineer is someone who applies the principles of chemistry and other studies to solve problems regarding the usage and creation of food,drugs,chemicals, fuels, and other chemical-related products.

Career Pay

The hourly pay is around $45.36; The annual pay is around $94,350. The pay is considered to be rather substantial to other jobs in engineering, making this a reason one might be interested in this career path.


A Bachelor's degree in chemical engineering plus a license in chemical engineerings required for basic entry-level jobs.

Chemical Engineering Lifespan

Chemical engineering isn't going anywhere because of the necessity of chemicals, food, and fuel. Unless we find some way to become electronically charged robots, chemical engineering will most definitely stay indefinitely(or until we kill each other off via chemical warfare).

Other careers

If you would prefer, you can take a job as a chemical technician, who helps a chemical engineer by using special instruments to research and develop chemical products. You can also become a chemist to study substances at a molecular level.

In my Opinion...

This is not a career I would like to pursue. I am in preference to working in a more "mechanized" field. The reason I researched this field is to see how I could apply chemistry to mechanical field, as I see chemical as very useful in everyday life.

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