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Veterinarians provide healthcare treatment to animals, just as medical doctors do to human beings. Primarily, veterinarians administer medication, vaccinations, perform surgeries, and provide general health care for companion animals. Unlike a general practitioner, veterinarians must rely strictly on signs and symptoms of the treated animal (as animals are unable to talk). By combining personal observations, the owner’s perspective, and pertinent diagnostic tests such as blood tests, x-rays, and CT-scans, veterinarians aim to effectively treat and prevent diseases in animals. Veterinarians also have the authority to carry out euthanasia, which is the painless killing of a patient (animal, in this case) from an incurable disease. This procedure is often necessary in suffering animals with poorer quality of life that can no longer enjoy day-to-day activities.

Veterinarians are experts of animal health. They are able to educate owners on all aspects of their animal, including what to feed the animal, what kind of exercises the animal should do to maintain fitness, how to interact with other animals and humans, etc. Prophylactic treatment, or preventative treatment, is another important aspect of a veterinarian’s work. According to consumer surveys, veterinarians are ranked among the most respected professionals in America. The importance of their role continues to expand as people recognize veterinarians as critical in preventing disease transmissions, ensuring food safety, promoting animal welfare, and ultimately protecting human health.


Veterinarians are required to obtain a degree in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at any accredited institution of veterinary medicine. This education program takes 4 years to complete and includes laboratory and clinical experience. It is split into 2-year segments. The first two years involve extensive classroom learning in courses, such as animal anatomy, animal physiology, disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of animals. The last two years mainly involve a clinical practicum in various work settings


Veterinarian Salary: Quick Summary In 2012 the average salary was $93,250 per year
$44.83 per hourTop 10% Salary$144,100 per year
$69.28 per hourBottom 10% Salary$51,530 per year
$24.77 per hour

Number of Jobs, 201256,020

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