Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

M. Old

The Telephone - 1875

Alexander Graham Bell

when the first telephone was invented it not only evolved how we contacted each other, it also helped the speed of how we communicated. People didn't have to walk over to the other person's house just to tell them a quick message, and it was extremely faster than decoding Morse code, or telegraph. This helped information spread in a very short period of time.

The automatic lubricator for steam engines - 1872

Elijah McCoy

The automatic lubricator for steam engines was highly important and significant. It allowed trains to go without stopping, it made it far less dangerous, which means there would be no loss of lives over this. If we didn't have it today, it wouldn't be nearly as safe for many people to ride in, maybe just the driver and a few passengers, because of the frequent friction causing it to stop and sometimes fall of course. Today, with the automatic lubricator, we do have a very safe, and smooth, railroad system.

First gasoline engine-1876

Nicolaus Otto

This invention is significant because today it can be built for trucks, passenger auto mobiles, buses, airplanes, and many more. Four -Stroke engines (the one Otto helped invent after he created the engine), powered motorcycles, and many more vehicles. It helped transportation move a lot quicker, which also allowed communication speed to increase, and people to get places faster than walking or on a horse and buggy.

Phonograph - 1877

Thomas Edison

Edison's invention was the first to be able to reproduce the recorded sound and reproduced the recorded sound. It helped erase the "crackling" sound. This improved the number of records made by more than one person, so records and music also evolved and spread amount everyone, making listening very, very easy and clean.

Typewriter -1873

Christopher Sholes

After the invention of typewriters, they quickly became tools or many writing situations. They were very often used by professional writers, and used for some documents. Again, this helped spread how quickly communication could work, this helped writers and everyone produce better quality work faster, giving society a neater way to set laws, and never have any misunderstandings.

Carbon filament for lightbulbs-1882

Lewis Latimer

This allowed lights to last longer, which also helped in many ways. It helped reduce the money used get lightbulbs, because they would go out faster, causing people to spend less money, and get longer use out of the money they did spend.

Automatic dishwasher- 1886

Josephine Cochrane

The automatic dishwasher saved so much time for the ones who had it. The wives, usually the ones cleaning the dishes, didn't have to spend time in the sink all day anymore, and they could get more done in less amount of time. it still saves time for people today, but yet some people still do hand wash dishes. This was significant for keeping up with your clean dishes, when men would meet and eat over a topic, then they didn't have to worry about piling the dishes, they could put them in the dishwasher and be done.  

Gasoline-powered automobile- 1893

Charles and Frank Duryea

The gasoline powered automobile significantly changed transportation. it allowed cars to run longer amount of times and longer amount of distances, allowing more travel and exploration of the land. The more the people explored, the more cultures they would find, the new languages they would hear, and they could take it all back to their home, or move their home there. therefore, this invention helped spread cultures and create civilizations.

First handheld camera-1888

George Eastman

When George Eastman invented the handheld camera, he invented something that would be evolved forever. The handheld camera saved everyone time, because it required no set up of take down, just one hand held thing. It also helped more pictures get taken , which  helped document history.

First successful flight- 1903

The Wright Brothers

The first successful flight was significant because it got people to far away places they wanted to be 10 times faster. It helped people all over the world spread their culture and people with the plane, because it made traveling easier, so more people did it. cultures improved, languages were spread, people were spread, it helped gain a lot in society around everywhere.

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