7th Grade Forewarnings

Brought to you by: Aubrey Taylor

Top 10 7th Grade Activities :)

1. 7th Grade Volleyball Team

We were undefeated, with a really fun coach :) (Mrs. Kosinski)

2. Power of the Pen

This was a really fun after-school club, and you can write poems as well as creative writing.  Both 7th- and 8th-grade teams ended up doing well at Districts, Regionals, and States.

3. Radio Dramas

I must say that sitting around our "radio" drinking cider and eating pretzels was definitely a top moment of the 7th grade year.  Creating illusions of sounds from resources around us and recording ourselves in our own news story was one of our best projects :)

4. Band

Band was great this year, and Mr. Link's an excellent (also brutally honest, as he'll tell you himself) teacher.  I played flute, and trust me--Band gets better each year you take it.

It was a challenge having braces and playing this year, then rubber bands near the end, but I managed.  If you have the same problem: Playing gets easier, it really does.

5. Art Class

Depends on who you are, but in my opinion, Art is an amazing class.  I looked forward to Art every day I had it and both Mrs. Seitz and Mrs. Vejar helped me improve, both last year and this year.  I don't know if you like art, but even if you don't, this class is always fun :)

6. Camp

So I was lucky, because I was in a great group with an amazing counselor (go Bobbie!).  But even if you don't have the best of luck with this, you'll have an amazing time anyway.

I'm the one in the front on the very left with a camo bandana and braids--this was during Chinese/American Games

7. Babysitting

This year I started babysitting around my neighborhood.  I now regularly babysit a few families, all with adorable kids!  Babysitting may seem scary, but it's actually really fun and little work.  Most kids are really well behaved.

My neighbor!

8. Horror Unit

The horror unit in HELA was thrilling, as we read terrifying flash fictions and then made our own, using suspense and drama to our advantage.

9. Being in classes with my friends!

Even though it's during class, I still found time to hang out with all my friends.  At the end of the year, teachers are more likely to let you have seats next to them anyway!  You can also do projects with them, and you'll definitely have fun moments at lunch.

10. My brother's hockey games

Sometimes it was annoying, being dragged along to KHS hockey games (especially when we lost) but most of the time, it was really entertaining cheering on my brother.  Go Ashton-#23!  He's playing next year...maybe you'll see me there :)

HELA-Unforgettable Moments

1. Uglies Museum

The Rusties Exhibit, where we showcased incredible artifacts (like toothbrushes and combs) in a creative way.  There were historians, architects, and artists.  You will enjoy this project!

2. IRP Projects - Partner Project

For the partner project, I paired with Claire, read Paper Towns, and built a 3D map that popped up when you opened it.  This project was great because you can work with a friend and creatively interpret a book.

Core: Social Studies

3. And Then There Were None

This was my favorite book of the year to read in class.  Agatha Christie had me wondering the entire time, and the projects you'll do with this, ending with playing Clue and watching the movie, are all very fun.

Maybe history sounds boring, but Social Studies had a lot of fun activities like Medieval (K)night and the Roman Alphabet assignment.

Dr. Bates was my teacher, and I enjoyed having him.  You can tell he knows what he's talking about--and from what I know of Mr. Barr, he sounds like fun (don't be intimidated by his sarcasm, but definitely stay on his good side).

You'll do well in this class by paying attention to what your teacher tells you and actually comprehending the lesson as you read it--if there are Jeopardies the teachers make for you, these are also extremely helpful.  Sometimes you don't know exactly what info you will need to know for each quiz, so that's why the Jeopardies help you study.

We watched John Green videos, and though he speaks really fast, they're full of useful information and pass through all his hairdo phases.  It's amazing that he's an author and a historian and about five other things :)


Bring plenty of supplies, you'll need them--but it's really tough bringing five bags up the cliff to the girls' cabins (boys, you have it easier).  Pack necessities only :)

Also, make sure to bring sweatshirts as well as t-shirts and shorts, because my year half the week was below fifty degrees!

One of the BEST parts of camp was the zip line!  You climbed a rock wall to the top and sped down.  If you're afraid of heights, that's fine--but the zip line is well worth the thrill!

The Camp Mowana zip line does not actually pass a waterfall and go over a valley (sadly) but it's still fun :)

Another fun activity at camp was the creek hike.  This doesn't sound like much fun, until you catch salamanders and see water snakes.  This year, we saw a painted turtle!

It was interesting seeing all the different kinds of pond life and creek life, as well as enjoying a walk along a beautiful creek with a mini waterfall at the end.

Life & Times

Some people think dances sound like torture, but Camp Mowana's dance is something you don't want to miss.  It's pure fun and you'll enjoy the last night!

They will teach you dances that are complicated but at the same time, really hilarious.

Survival Tips

A La Carte (ask Mrs. Kris what this even means)

This year, there were clear music choices including:

  • All About that Bass
  • Blank Space
  • Shake it Off
  • See you again
  • Sugar
  • Shut Up and Dance

Taylor Swift's always been popular, and Maroon 5 is resurfacing.  I'm sure you'll sense what's popular and what's not during your own 7th grade year :)

Personally, I love the Plain White T's and other 2000s rock artists!  Favorite song this year was Rhythm of Love by who other than the Plain White T's themselves.  However, I'm also a fan of Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles, The Killers, and Colbie Caillat.

I was friends with Zoë Spriggs, Marin Zoretich, and many others!  Don't limit yourself to a group of friends, and be kind to everyone :)

1. Don't let the eighth graders scare you!

Yeah, they're a lot taller, and much stronger, and certainly act cooler, but ignore them.  I guess that'll be me next year, but I'm not too intimidating, right?

2. Don't bully sixth graders :(

Remember you last year?  That's them.  They seem more annoying now, but give 'em a break.  You're their role models (that's a scary thought)!

3. Don't procrastinate!

This should be number one (though nothing on here is in any particular order).  If you procrastinate, you will literally regret it so much.  I think the homework transition from sixth grade into seventh isn't too bad (especially if you had Mrs. Horn) but this is a huge reminder!


Forgive and forget is a good reminder, but forgive and remember is better.

Interpret this deeply, like Mrs. Kris, Mr. Kwal, or Mrs. McHugh will teach you to do!

Good luck in seventh grade!

P.S. Mrs. Kris--I will miss you.  You've taught me so much--I'll remember it all :)  Thank you!

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