The National Academy of Ballet
"The full dance experience"

In this dance studio students are going to be provided with an amazing education of dance. With an amazing facility and professionally trained dancers teaching them, dancers will be prepared for the real dance world and be able to make a career out of dance. It would be located in New York City with dancers from the ages of 13 to 18. The building will consist of several studios that all have bars, nice floors, a stereo for music, and mirrors.This school will focus mainly on ballet, but offer other dance styles. In order to get in this school, you will need audition and that will determine what class your in.

Since this is a boarding school, students need a place to stay. They will be provided with a student resistance and the dancers will be assigned a room and a roommate.  Conflict is bound to happen when you are living with anyone. Depending on how bad the problem is will depend on the consequence. You could be suspened, expelled, or given community service. From 9:00-2:00 is the time for Monday-Friday. On the weekends dancers are expected to practice. At the end of ever semester, there would be an exam that will see if you are able to come back next year.

Our goal is to produce dancers that are professional and able to get a job in the dance community. It's a hard job and it involves hard work and dedication. Dance is a way to express yourself and it's a passion that many people all over the world have.

We teach students the importance of dance in a way where they learn and find out who they really are at the same time.


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