You Get by with a Little Help from Your Friend

Having a friend who is suffering of an eating disorder such as anorexia can be quite hard and make you feel helpless. These are some tips to make a difference in the life of your fiend and maybe get them out of their alarming situation.

Tip #1

Instead of talking to your friend about food and about their weight, try to talk about their feelings and your concern about their eating behavior. Talk to them about the link between their eating habits and their feelings, and maybe the stressful situations that lead them to stop eating.

Tip #2

Do not comment on how they look, it will only reinforce their obsession about their body image and their weight. In fact, when you talk about their look, it only point out that the appearance is important and we should pay attention to it. Your friend is already obsessed about their body; there is no need for you to aggravate it.

Tip #3

Avoid giving them simple solutions or forcing them to eat. Your friend who is suffering with anorexia has the feeling that they are out of control of their life and controlling their weight and their eating habits is the only thing they can command. But forcing them to eat, you will accentuate their feeling of being out of control.

Tip #4

Tell your friend that you are concern about their health and their eating habits. Anorexia is a cry for help; it’s a way to deal about stressful situations and emotional pain. Telling them about your concern will be appreciate and could actually help them.

Tip #5

Encourage your friend with anorexia to get help, but don’t force them. You can suggest them to go in therapy, individual or group therapies; go see a dietician or a nutritionist or go to support groups.

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