Ferdinand Porsche founded the company in Austria in 1931. the company soon moved to Stuttgart, Germany. In world War 2 Porsche started to make heavy tank designs. these designs led to the Tiger 1 and Tiger 2 tanks that Germany used in the War. After the war the factory was taken over by the British, and Ferdinand was arrested for war crimes. During his imprisonment his son Ferry Porsche decided to build his own car, because he couldn't find one that suited him. That car led to Porsche's first car model and the company began to become what it is today.


Porsche uses boat, plane and trucks to transport cars and parts. Within the United States Porsche mainly uses trucks and trailers their cars and parts to other dealerships. International Porsche uses boat and planes to transport cars and parts around the world.


In the past, Porsche were short in supply of parts. So Porsche started to use Volkswagen parts to replace the short supplied ones. That led to internal combustion of the engine, transmission, and suspension.

Porsche is recalling cars with certain engines, because they have the risk of catching on fire. This is bad because people may become mad and not buy a new one, and it cost a lot of money to replace all those engines.


Porsche impacts Georgia by bringing the state money and attraction.  Porsche sold over 25,ooo cars in 2010, and drive in many races within and outside the state. these races bring tourism and money which is also good for the state.

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