Less Virtual More Reality

The Military in the Field

The US military is located all over the world, keeping the US and sometimes the world safe. While most people think that today, wars are fought behind computers in climate controlled rooms. While that is somewhat true, there are still very much troops on the ground in many parts of the world. The US military, particularly the Marines and Army, all have boots on the ground, fighting the good fight.

In many cases, these forces are called upon not just to fight insurgents, but also train local forces. They participate in many of these joint force agreements to be able to share their knowledge with other countries and help them fight the insurgents in their country so they do not have to depend on the US. Also, they do this to foster strong ties between the countries. These exercises are also conducted in the host country’s terrain, so the forces can learn from each and figure out the best way to work. In some cases, they will work without any of the comforts, in deserts and jungles and remote areas. They will have to share their knowledge with the use of sand table for how to survive in the wild.

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