Marx thought up how to make a government in witch made the working class or the proletarians (in witch he liked to call them ) be favored or make their lives easier .He started to think about it while the industrial revolution just started and the newly advanced factories were becoming more dangerous and the hours were unfair to the workers.He thought that the proletarians would fight the bourgeoisie who are the factory owners and that would be the revolution spark. He thought that the Bourgeoisie were bugs and that t he proletarians were bright and creative.This idea of his was called communism and was recognized as the philosophical father of communism.


Lenin thought that the Presents and the the proletarians would start the revolution but with some help to make them mad and demand for change in Russia. He started thinking for a new type of government when his older brother was hanged for the attempt of killing the czar. When he started to be the leader of the Radical party he was arrested and exiled and went home with the help of Germany.When the revolution was over he became the influential person in politics and he practiced socialism and communism . Lenin and Marx have similar idea about how a government should be run by helping the working class and being involved in big businesses. One huge difference was that Lenin let small businesses run themselves .


Zedong was a Chines leader that was influenced by Lenin . He thought that the peasants in the Rural countries will start the revolution.He started to want change when the treaty of Versailles gave japan land instead of china.A lot of people got mad at the government and Zedong listened to them.He started to teach the youth to rebel against the authority and the youth made up the Red Guard.His teachings were all about communism and during the revolution Lenin helped him achieve his goal by sending in troops to china. he also organized the Chinese Communist party .Just like Marx he favered the working class and wanted them to overthrow the middle class.

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other countries who were not communist were scared that the communist will start conquering other countries. The three countries that were communist were Russia china,Germany. When the new leaders of the three counters broke the treaty of Versailles . The u.s.made a isolation policy. Great Brittan made an appeasement. between Germany and Russia they made the nonaggression act so they will stop trying to make war between them.All of this acts were made to prevent a second war.


China today is part of the five existing countries that are communist. the way that they began to be a communist country was from Moe Zedong .After the soviets were defeated the followers of Chiang fled to an island of Formosa(Taiwan) and made a government . The government that Mao established was renamed to the People's Republic of china. After the Korean war began ,china supported North Korea to capture the south.

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Karl Marx wanted to make the working conditions more safer for the workers. Lenin wanted a better government for Russia so he started a revolution by getting the peasants mad.Then when the revolution was done he named the government Union of soviet socialist Republics.Lenin was both communist and socialist. Mao Zedong followed Lenin in the road to a communist government . All of these leaders made their government change to make their countries be better to live in even though when they are gone the leaders went crazy with power.

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