So you are wanting to make a change? Well, there are somethings you need to know/do  before you do anything else. You need to figure out what you are wanting to do, whether it is the same job but new company, new job & new company, or if you're just starting over completely.

To figure out what you are wanting to do about this, you must take a step back and look at your skills, what you enjoy, ext. Try and think of ways you could use these skills.

Make a list of possible jobs that you could use these skills in. Then it is research of that job and process of elimination on which one you want to do and which one you don't.

The next step is to schedule interviews with the companies that you are thinking about working at and to schedule those interviews around your current company work schedule.

It is advised not to tell co-workers or people who don't need to know the information because this could badly influence things

To not burn bridges, you must be very careful. Do not do anything to anger your current employer while you are still working for them. That is the job you have until you get the other job for sure. Grin and bear it until you for sure have another job.

When you are about to leave your old job, it is suggested to give them about a 2 week heads up before you walk out the door to never return. To formally leave the company, one must write a proper notice.

Do not tell your co-workers about your job hunt or your leaving the company until after you have written the proper notice.

Before you leave the company, inform your clients and business contacts so they will be able to settle and not be stranded without you.

Before/after you leave your current employers, you should figure out what your requirements are to be hired and start the training for gathering the supplies for that job.

And last of all, DO NOT CRITICIZE THE COMPANY no matter what they did to you or made you angry about. Then...

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