LinkedIn Marketing Tips

With a 313 million-member network of motivated business professionals that is continually growing, LinkedIn is definitely slated to remain the top social media platform for forming business to business relationships in 2015. Originally formed in 2003 with the goal of connecting professionals to make them more productive and successful, LinkedIn is fulfilling its purpose admirably as it claims pride of place as as the go to place for professional networking, building b2b relationships, and expanding your brand. If you haven’t made LinkedIn an essential part of your business’ marketing strategy yet, it is time to put this valuable tool to work for you. Whether you are just starting out with LinkedIn or are looking for new strategies to maximize your LinkedIn networking efforts, try these LinkedIn marketing tips to boost your profile and get the best return from this social media powerhouse!

  1. Create an interesting, optimized LinkedIn profile
    Think of your LinkedIn profile as your calling card - it will serve as the initial introduction that presents you to other business professionals. Is your profile interesting and engaging, or is it a boring, sales-pitchy dud? Apply these tips to create an intriguing LinkedIn profile that will aid your networking efforts:
    • Upload a cover photo that presents the image you want to project
    • Use engaging, personalized copy in your profile that lets your personality shine through. Try to capture how you would present yourself in a face to face networking situation with a contact you felt a connection with – you wouldn’t lead with a dry sales pitch, you would find a way to show your personality while still projecting professionalism.
    • Optimize your profile the same way you optimize your website – with a few carefully chosen keywords sprinkled throughout your copy, your LinkedIn profile will top your list of successful social media marketing strategies for 2015.
  2. Add rich media content to enhance your LinkedIn profileUse LinkedIn’s Professional Portfolio feature to spice up your profile with attention-grabbing graphics and visual content. You can employ a variety of rich media content to enhance your profile, including photos, videos, articles with images, infographics, and SlideShare presentations – so be creative, and design a stand-out presentation that gets your profile noticed! And remember to update your LinkedIn profile with new articles, features, screenshots, and videos on a regular basis to keep it relevant and interesting.
  3. Join local and industry discussion groups that share your interestsThe whole point of LinkedIn is networking with other business professionals and establishing connections that will generate leads for your business; joining local LinkedIn discussion groups will bring you together with interested, engaged professionals who share your interests and industry-specific concerns. Join discussion and industry groups that match your interests and avail yourself of the opportunity to connect with potential customers and your peers. The important thing is to participate and don’t be shy – feel free to raise questions so you can benefit from your peers’ experiences and share your own expertise. Gain and give legitimately earned endorsements to build your authority.
  4. Offer content of value to your discussion groupsTo establish yourself as a valued member of discussion groups and participate in the networking power that LinkedIn has to offer, you need to take an active part in discussions and share relevant, interesting content that adds value to the discussion. Carefully choose thesocial content that you share, only posting links if they fit the rules and category of the discussion group, and strictly avoid adding any overtly promotional content.
  5. Use LinkedIn Sponsored updates and LinkedIn AdsSponsored updates allow you to boost the reach of your content, so you can build your brand awareness. LinkedIn Ads are tightly targeted, giving you a channel to put your content in front of key influencers on LinkedIn.

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