Candyfloss By Jacqueline Wilson

7th grade project By Grace Lapid

The Theme

The picture above is an Irish symbol meaning friendship which is the theme of this novel. Friendship is the main theme in this book because Flora aka Floss losses her best friend Rhiannon to  two girls who make fun of  Floss by teasing her and calling her names. Floss finds her real friend,  named Susan. They hang out together and have play-dates. Then Rhiannon makes plans  for Floss without her knowing about the plans and does not include Susan. The idea was  to take Floss shopping because Rhiannon's mom thought Floss did not have clothes. Floss has no fun during their outing because she feels inferior to them. Then Floss finds out she has to leave her apartment because her dads cafĂ© is being closed due to lack of funds. Floss has to pack so her friend Susan is coming over and Susan decides she can help Floss. They spend the whole day together playing and packing. Floss realizes what friendship is because Susan supported her through hard times and never expected her to be somebody she wasn't.

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